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I am passionate in two fields: business and technology. I help people to solve their business problem using technology, primarily creating new system or application to make their business process more efficient. I'm currently working in Indonesia with many exposures of working with various people around the globe. I have experience in all sorts of business: startups, SMEs, corporates, and multinational companies.

From technology perspective, I am well-rounded and experienced in full-stack development. I have built products for startups and middle-sized companies. Tech stack includes (but not limited to) : HTML, CSS, Javascript, NodeJS, ReactJS, PHP, Laravel, MySQL, MongoDB, and Python. Occasionally code in Golang or Java. From that experience, I was trusted as mentor to teach students to code.

App Projects


79Home - Property Listing Website

An Indonesian real estate listing website where users can sell and buy house, apartment, or shops. Included features: multi-role login, upload a real estate for sale, buy/booking, and admin dashboard.

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79Cars - Used Car Listing Website

An Indonesian used car listing website where users can sell and buy used car comfortably. Included features: multi-role login, upload a car for sale, buy/booking, and admin dashboard.

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Pakarian - Landing Page for Specialist-As-A-Service

Pakarian is a pre-seed startup in Indonesia, focusing on providing expert advice or implementation to governments and businesses. Pakarian holds close relationship with experts from professional associations and reputable univeristy alumni. Pakarian will help organizations to break barriers, transform, or generally serve better.

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Quiz API - Resource Provider for Educative or Entertaining Content

An API with capability to provide question-answer pair. Suitable for anyone trying to make quiz, word-based game, or flash cards. Features: API key authentication, usage limit, fully REST API, and free to use.

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Industry Analysis for Web Hosting in Indonesia

Brief analysis of web hosting industry in Indonesia, covering total market value, industry growth, competitors, and industry attractiveness score. Article in Bahasa Indonesia, you can use translate menu on your browser.

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Work Experience

Full-stack Web Development Mentor - Binar Academy (2019-2020)

Teach full-stack technology and development to students from scratch, then help them engage in team to build ready-to-launch products in 4-6 months. Tech stack includes (but not limited to): HTML, CSS, JS, Database (SQL and NoSQL), Ruby, Java, NodeJS, ReactJS.

Interim CEO - Seaspring Startup (2018)

Helping redefine product, revamp business plan, and get to national level startup acceleration program (Bekraf Go Startup Indonesia).

Full-stack Developer - Kelana Indonesia (2018)

Developed various web applications, ranging from CMS to ticketing system, for clients using PHP language.

Back End Developer - Oktagon (2017)

Developed back end functions related to customer login, product specification, and product transaction in Go and PHP language.

Project Coordinator - Multipolar Technology (Lippo Group) (2015-2016)

Experienced in managing various IT-related projects, including: banking system and infrastructure development for Indonesian fintech giant, network system deployment for national companies. Workflow based on standardized lifecycle and PMBOK.