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Yogi Saputro

Software Developer with sense of business

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I am passionate in two fields: business and technology. I solve problems by creating system and pipeline across business functions. I'm currently working in Indonesia with many exposures of working with various people around the globe. I have experience in all sorts of business: startups, SMEs, corporates, and multinational companies.

From technology perspective, I am well-rounded and experienced in full-stack development and scalable deployment. I have built products for startups and middle-sized companies. Tech stack includes (but not limited to) : NodeJS, ReactJS, databases (SQL + NoSQL). Also experienced in AWS, Linux OS, CI/CD, message queueing. Occasionally code in Golang or Python.

Work Experience

Full-stack Developer - Pinjammodal.id (2020-now)

Develop dashboards and REST API services for financial transactions, integrate 3rd party transaction providers to internal services, build soild Typescript codebase, implement TDD and CI/CD.

Full-stack Web Development Mentor - Binar Academy (2019-2020)

Teach full-stack technology and development to students from scratch, then help them engage in team to build ready-to-launch products in 4-6 months. Tech stack includes (but not limited to): HTML, CSS, JS, Database (SQL and NoSQL), Ruby, Java, NodeJS, ReactJS.

Full-stack Developer - Kelana Indonesia (2018)

Developed various web applications, ranging from CMS to ticketing system, for clients using PHP language.

Back End Developer - Oktagon (2017)

Developed back end functions related to customer login, product specification, and product transaction in Go and PHP language.

Project Coordinator - Multipolar Technology (Lippo Group) (2015-2016)

Experienced in managing various IT-related projects, including: banking system and infrastructure development for Indonesian fintech giant, network system deployment for national companies. Workflow based on standardized lifecycle and PMBOK.

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